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From an early age JW has always had a passion for horses,quarter horse sales "I remember being 4 years old and claiming the family horse as my own, Baldy was her name as she was a bald faced Clyde cross, the very same horse that my father went and traded in for two Guernsey cows, well I was so upset that my Father had to go and buy Baldy back, $260 he had to pay and in those days, that was a lot of money, but i had her right up to my 18th birthday, unfortunately that's when she passed away".



Using Baldy to breed and getting two foals from her, you could say that is when JW began his first venture into breeding. By the time he was 16 years old he was into double figures and headed to the sales, returning with an average $120 per head, not bad for a 16 year old kid.


It was to be a few years before JW took his next step into a serious breeding program, buying into a syndicate to buy Badger Kilobar, but sharing the colt with other members came to an end when he decided to buy all the shares of the syndicate.

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He promptly began scouring the area to purchase papered mares and began a whole new breeding program. In 1974 an agent secured the purchase of Turner's Delight, a mare with King P-234 and Midnight in her pedigree.JW with Lynx West


In amongst all this JW met and married Hazel and raised four sons, so it then became a family business. Then along came the opportunity to buy into another syndicate, this time the cutting supremo Lynx West was the target, eventually being brought into Canada from Texas with a price tag of US$50,000. Again it wasn't long before JW decided to buy all the shares of Lynx West to become the sole owner.


In 2007 JW secured the purchase of two yearling studs that would strengthen his Three Bars gene pool, Filo Two and Filo's Sugar Bars, you don't have to go back far in their pedigree to see the legendary producer of top quality Quarter Horses.


The legacy continues................


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